Sunday, 30 October 2011

Planner Fail...a Filofax Update!!!

So I had thought I'd found planner nirvana in my set up - I was really happy with the week on one page plus notes format. I'd set up my Uni planner Panama to contain what I thought would be a workable study schedule and I was merrily using my Aqua Finsbury A5 at work with it's day per page diary...

But after several planner fails all at the same time it seems a rethink is needed!


I wasn't keeping on top of my reading and assignment work despite the fact it was so neatly laid out in my Panama because it was in a separate planner and wasn't with me at all times to refer invariably I didn't check it as much as I should have! Basic planner fail....


My week on one page with notes in my stunning Deco while still working OK just hasn't got enough room all of a sudden for me to allocate tasks/appointments and to do's per day and for the week let alone if I were to start including Uni work bits...


So at this point my work system, that had worked so well recently started to fail. Not enough prioritising on lists as I kept having to re-write them each day, I couldn't see the whole week and as for the back breaking weight which meant it was so cumbersome it became more of a hindrance than a use!


Go back to basics and rethink it all that's what!

I am now sporting a fully working A5 Flex (in Pink of course) at work - using the week on two pages diary format and having a separate bound A4 notebook for me to keep track of all the meetings and actions and to dos currently on my plate. More on this planner set up soon!

As for my study/main Filofax - time to merge the two together and create one planner that contains EVERYTHING.....

Having read this post from Girl From Mars last week after it was listed on Philofaxy's Saturday round up (I adore this round up even if it does normally mean I am chained to my laptop/ipad reading for ages after it comes through - I do so love peeking inside everyone else's Filofaxes) the penny dropped how I could create something similar to her Dissertation note page to keep track on what I should be achieving each week for my course.

I've also been re-reading lots of other posts on how people use their week on two page diary inserts, now being a bit of hoarder I of course still have all my 2011 diary inserts that I haven't used so I'm having a bit of a practice for the last two months of this year to see if I can make this format work for me now - as I haven't before! So with some colour coding and neat handwriting I've set up the pages (unfortunately in white and not cream as I can't seem to find those!!) to see how I get on....cue excessive photos on the before and after!!

My beautiful if a little chunky Deco

Isn't she gorgeous...
Inside: some stamps, a Due Boots calf tape measure and money off coupons
My pretty bookmark from Paperchase
Oh and a spare plaster for my recently removed mole (just in case)
Please note cute owl sticker bottom left :)
On the left gorgeous things. On the right my assignment schedule
So this is was my current diary layout (cute Pumpkin sticker!!)
This is next week (old format)
And this is next week (new format)
A week new style with lots of stuff going on so you can see my colour coding:
Colour coding:
Pink = fun stuff (social events etc)
Turquoise = course related timings/work
Red = birthdays (plus stickers obviously)
Black = work related things
Purple = the fiance's band gigs (hehe get very excited every time I write fiance!!)
Blue = randoms (tv shows to watch, things to remember etc)

2012 is still a month view until it actually starts...
Starting to use the to do sheets under the Notes tab
And here is my November to do list plus my Assignment work list
Gratuitous sticker photo hehe
So there you go, I'm still working on the layout and all the new bits for my studies but I am hopeful that the week on two pages tweaks will work for me...I'll keep you posted



  1. I love all of the pictures and your new set up! I hope this works for you for next year.

    And isn't fiance just so fun to say? Now just imagine when we have husbands!

  2. I'm so glad you liked my Dissertation set up! It's been working really well for me - hope it does for you too! :) x

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the sneak peek into your Filo!